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Conveyor rollers

The Esch Group offers an exceptionally broad range of top-quality standard conveyor rollers: from non-powered rollers to powered rollers, from light running conveyor rollers to heavier applications and from belt-driven to chain-driven conveyor rollers,... In steel, aluminium, plastic, galvanised, covered or epoxied and in DIN sizes.w We also supply and develop custom-made conveyor rollers. These custom-made rollers are based on drawings and concepts from the customer.

As our production lines are connected to production configuration (PCF) software, we have quick and reliable delivery times, competitive prices and an extremely flexible and diverse product range. Our separate R&D department devotes all its time to research and the development of new conveyor rollers, dimensions and improvements to materials and ensures that all our products are of the highest quality.

Custom-made rollers

In addition to the 22,000 rollers, we also manufacture conveyor rollers that have to meet specific requirements or non-standard conditions. Our years of expertise, product knowledge and our flexible, automated production environment are the right ingredients for a first class offer of non-standard conveyor rollers. The Esch Group's team of engineers analyse your request, conduct research, perform tests and calculate all values until they have developed the custom-made roller that fits seamlessly into your transport environment. Do you have a special or non-standard request? Then don't hesitate to contact one of our specialists by phone at 0416-315656 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


High Volume

Our advanced production environment allows us to capably manufacture large batches: we refer to this as high volume conveyor rollers. Completely automated machines and a lean production process enable Esch Group to quickly switch and to realise large batches with a short turnaround time.

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all over the world

Esch Group is an ambitious and rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of, amongst others, conveyor rollers, bearings, pillow blocks and roller parts. All our products are used in a wide range of high-tech industries across the world. Our extensive product portfolio of the highest quality firmly establishes the Esch Group among the top European manufacturers of conveyor rollers.

Our conveyor rollers are used in the airport industry, sand and gravel processing, mining industry, postal and packaging processing industry, agricultural sector, foodstuff industry and by bulk and transhipment companies. In addition to a manufacturing and sales department, we also have a separate R&D department that is constantly developing innovations in the area of quality, material and dimensions of the conveyor rollers.