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Our drums are manufactured in a separate department. Together with tried and trusted partners that meet the high requirements of our product range, we deliver drums of various types and various models.

Drum type:

  • Drive drum
  • Tail drum
  • Cage drum

Drum model:

  • Welded
  • Shaft
  • Keyway
  • Outer bearings
  • Inner bearings


Drive drum

The drive drum powers the conveyor belt. The drum motors are available in various sizes. Naturally, we also deliver non-standard dimensions if requested.


Tail drum

Tail drums handle the tension and reversing of the conveyor belt. They are also available in various standard measurements. Non-standard measurements can be delivered if requested.


Cage drum

Just like the tail drum, cage drums also handle the tension and reversing of the conveyor belt. However, cage drums are also provided with a cage in the form of a cone. This ensures that any loose dirt can be easily conveyed. Cage drums are available in various standard measurements. Non-standard measurements are also possible if requested.



Covering the drive drum offers many benefits. It reduces slip, provides more control, offers protection, reduces wear and tear resulting in a longer life span. Each type of covering has its own specific features. The neatly arranged overview below lists the most common coverings. The number on the photo corresponds with the number in the description.

1 FDA wit NBR 65-70 3-10 GLAD Levensmiddelen – echt, Olie- en vetbestendig
2 Lamirib Grijs PVC 60-65 4 LENGTE GROEVEN Meeneemkracht
3 Vulkollan Oker PU 65-85 3-10 GLAD Mechanisch sterk en ruw, antislip
4 Nitryl Zwart NBR 55-65 3-12 GLAD Olie- en vetbestendig
5 Para Grijs SBR 40-45 5-10 GLAD Rekbaarheid, veerkracht
6 Supergrip Zwart NBR 60 6 BORSTELIG Zeer hoge meeneemkracht, zelfs in diepvries
7 Visgraat Wit NBR 60 6 GOLVENDE GROEVEN Levensmiddelen – echt, Olie- en vetbestendig
8 Sorter Rood SBR 45 5-10 GLAD Slijtvastheid
9 ETR zwart NBR 70 8-10 RUITPROFIEL Olie- en vetbestendig

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Esch Group is an ambitious and rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of, amongst others, conveyor rollers, bearings, pillow blocks and roller parts. All our products are used in a wide range of high-tech industries across the world. Our extensive product portfolio of the highest quality firmly establishes the Esch Group among the top European manufacturers of conveyor rollers.

Our conveyor rollers are used in the airport industry, sand and gravel processing, mining industry, postal and packaging processing industry, agricultural sector, foodstuff industry and by bulk and transhipment companies. In addition to a manufacturing and sales department, we also have a separate R&D department that is constantly developing innovations in the area of quality, material and dimensions of the conveyor rollers.