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Other products

We have gained a great deal of expertise these past years in the area of transport conveyor systems. This expertise has helped us to develop a broad and high-quality range of roller parts. In addition to conveyor rollers and bearings, Esch Group supplies roller components, drum motors, motorized rollers, troughed idlers and conveyor covers from well-known brands.


Drum motor

Esch Group's high-quality drum motors are compact in size and are extremely-high dust and water resistant (IP55/65) due to their completely enclosed system. We can supply drum motors ranging from 60 mm up to no less than 800 mm in diameter. The motors have a voltage of 230V and a power capacity of up to 132 Kw. The conveyor belt speeds vary from 0.09 up to 4.50m/s. We also supply crowned drum motors in a range of models, with coverings such as rubber or ceramics. Non-standard models can be supplied upon request.


Motorized rollers

We also deliver drives with motorized rollers. Motorized rollers have a broad spectrum of uses; for instance to drive the conveyor belts, the accumulation of goods or to drive your conveyor in a clean, quiet environment. Our product range consists of crowned, covered rollers for belt drive, cylindrical rollers with grooves for round belt drive or rollers manufactured completely in stainless steel for damp environments. Ask one of our sales people for information and advice!


Troughed idler

Troughed idlers offer support to conveyor belts that are used intensively. They are available with one or two rollers for narrow belts or with three rollers for wider belts. Our troughed idlers are default from stock deliverable and naturally meet the European DIN standards. They are available in a range of standard measurements: non-standard measurements can be supplied if requested.

2 delig vrijdragend trogstel
2 delige compact trogstel
2 delige trogframes
3 delig vrijdragend trogstel
3 delige compactframes
3 delige sturende trogframe
3 delige trogframes
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We also manufacture a range of drive components in-house: a large part of the components is directly deliverable in various models from stock. We also manufacture specials and custom-made components based on drawings.


Conveyor covers

Our conveyor covers are easy to install and guarantee clean, dust-free and safe transport. The frameless conveyor covers protect products effortlessly against climate differences, contamination and noise nuisance, while also delivering lower energy consumption. Other benefits? Limiting material loss through weather conditions, a guaranteed dry product and a smoothly operating conveyor belt (less contamination, less slippage).


Steering rollers

Having steering issues? Our steering rollers get every conveyor belt back on the right track. Result is achieved within 5 minutes after assembly. The steering belt roller is available in the following diameters: 89, 159 and 193 mm, suitable for belt widths ranging from 400 up to 2,000 mm, and is available with a thickness ranging from 5 up to 10 mm. Steering rollers can be delivered with coverings in a range of colours and in the following wear resistant models: anti-stick, profiled, foodstuff quality, grease resistant and flame retardant.


Brake rollers

Brake rollers and particularly brake support rollers take care of the speed of roller conveyors. They ensure that the goods are conveyed at a constant speed, which prevents goods from rolling forward on the flow racks at great speeds. The brake rollers can be either directly or indirectly used for braking. To improve the contact of the brake roller, support roller and pallet, the brake rollers have a self-adhesive resistant layer.


Conveyor scrapers

Conveyor scrapers are ideal for cleaning belts in difficult circumstance. They can be used, amongst others, during the conveyance of sand and gravel and in the food industry. Our conveyor scrapers are offered in 5 variants - from light to very heavy conveyance - and in standard belt widths from 450 up to 2,400 mm. The conveyor scrapers are delivered with hardened steel blades, ceramic blades or polyurethane segment blades.



If a conveyor belt has an impacting load then a garland can be deployed. Garlands absorb the impacts and are particularly deployed in situations where the conveyor belt must be low-maintenance. Another feature of garlands is their long life span.



De Esch Group levert diverse mogelijkheden voor intern transport. Zo heeft zij hefwagens van het bekende Franse merk Manuvit. Met de Manuvit hefwagen pakt u zelfs de zwaarste archiefkasten moeiteloos op, direct vanaf de grond. Pallets, witgoed, dozen, kratten, manden, bakken en zelfs ronde voorwerpen als plantenbakken, verhuist u in een handomdraai. Objecten tot 750 kg vormen geen enkel probleem, terwijl de hefwagen zelf slechts 40 kilo weegt.

Deze ARBO-goedgekeurde hefwagen is universeel en in breedte verstelbaar en vormt daarom een veelzijdige hulp voor verhuisbedrijven en facilitaire afdelingen. Ook in productiebedrijven en magazijnen heeft deze hefwagen zich ruimschoots bewezen.

De Manuvit hefwagen maakt zwaar werk een stuk lichter. Vele Overheidsbedrijven, Zorginstellingen, Ziekenhuizen, Universiteiten gingen u voor en zijn uitermate enthousiast over het gebruikersgemak van de Manuvit Hefwagen. Benieuwd of een Manuvit hefwagen ook uw werk lichter kan maken? Zie voor meer informatie het leveringsprogramma.

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Esch Group is an ambitious and rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of, amongst others, conveyor rollers, bearings, pillow blocks and roller parts. All our products are used in a wide range of high-tech industries across the world. Our extensive product portfolio of the highest quality firmly establishes the Esch Group among the top European manufacturers of conveyor rollers.

Our conveyor rollers are used in the airport industry, sand and gravel processing, mining industry, postal and packaging processing industry, agricultural sector, foodstuff industry and by bulk and transhipment companies. In addition to a manufacturing and sales department, we also have a separate R&D department that is constantly developing innovations in the area of quality, material and dimensions of the conveyor rollers.